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Karen Ruiz, PT
Our Practice


"Having worked at other clinics with emphasis on the bottom line and seeing a high number of patients, I decided I would best serve my patients and stay true to my own belief that providing a high quality physical therapy service was of paramount importance. ​

That is why I decided to open up Karen Ruiz Physical Therapy. I am proud to say I offer one-on-one, individualized hour long therapy sessions. There is no cook book approach to relieving pain. Every patient receives a thorough evaluation and is given a personalized treatment plan to restore their function and relieve their pain."

Karen Ruiz is a licensed physical therapist with over 30 years of experience in her field.


Latest Clinic News:


Karen Ruiz Physical Therapy is currently open to see patients five days a week. COVID safety protocols are in place. Only one patient is treated at at time. Masks are mandatory for staff and patients.

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